I can help you to make a change…today!

Whether you have been thinking about this for a while, or you have just decided that something needs to change, make contact with me. We can discuss what’s on your mind, and together, we can move you forward.


The fear you feel when you get anxious is your own brain trying to convince you something is wrong, or that something will go wrong. By using proven techniques, you can learn to challenge and control the demon that lies within, and which tries to ruin your thoughts. We can work to redirect the energy that takes control of you, so that you can take control of the energy.

Finding happiness

We will always have moments of sadness; it is part of life’s tapestry. How we react to those low points can accelerate how quickly we find our inner happiness. We can focus on what makes you happy, and the anchors we can call on, to get to that contented state.
Ruminating about what has gone wrong, or replaying things that are worrying you, can overwhelm you. Sometimes, just talking it through logically can help, but if more help is needed, we can dig deeper and get to the bottom of your fears and concerns.


Sometimes it’s difficult to feel like you can ever be happy again. We will work together to understand what lies behind those feelings, and how we can get you to a place where you can regain your happiness, and feel like you have a purpose in life.
If you are in a difficult relationship, we can work together to understand what is happening. You might not be able to change someone else’s behaviour, but you can control how you react to it, and what actions you may wish to take, to solve the problem.
Anger often comes without warning, and that means it may be difficult to control or understand. We can work on this by recognising your triggers, and how to manage your emotions differently when anger strikes. With help and support, you can learn to walk away through fighting the anger, rather than fighting with your own emotions.

Traumatic event

Reliving a traumatic event can either knowingly or unconsciously lock us into a place where we are trapped, and scared. We will work to release you from that feeling of hopelessness, and build your confidence to get you back to your best.

All families go through challenging times. If you need help to change your own contribution, or are part of a family that needs to reconnect, we can support you as individuals. Making sure that everyone is ‘heard’ can be a strong platform to change the future.


The impact of the loss of a loved one, or someone close to us, can lie hidden for years. By talking about your loss, we can understand your grief better, and manage the impact of that grief.

How I work

1. Initial Call

Two questions you might be asking yourself are:

‘How do I know counselling is right for me?’

‘How do I know you are the right counsellor for me?’

To alleviate some of this uncertainty, I offer a free telephone or online consultation. This gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about counselling, as well as an opportunity for us to talk about how we can work together. It is really important you feel confident that I am the right therapist for you. After our discussion, if you choose me, which I hope you do, we can plan the next steps in your journey.

2. Starter session

Our starter session is where we will agree what our therapeutic relationship will look like. I want to make sure you feel, and are, safe, for the lifetime of our relationship, and beyond. This does mean we will need to do some activities that appear to be a little boring in our first session, but they are really important. We will do an initial assessment of your wellbeing and how you are feeling. We’ll discuss confidentiality, which part if any, you want your doctor to play in your therapy, any medical conditions, and any medication you are taking. This will feel different to any other session, and could be described as a little ‘tasky’. It is an important part of what we will do together, and of course, we will spend some time in our first session, talking about you, and your plans and hopes for the future.

2. Regular session

Initially, you may not know why you are feeling how you are feeling, or why you behave as you do. This is okay, as our early sessions may be your first step to understanding yourself, and what we need to focus on, to bring you back to your best. Our sessions will start with us getting settled down in the best way for you. This could be a cup of tea, or just taking a few minutes to relax.

Our regular sessions can take any shape or form. Sometimes we may be quiet and reflective; at other times we may smile, and even laugh when it is the right thing to do. Each session will be driven by the progress you are making, and how confident you feel about taking the next step in your personal growth. Our session will always keep you, and what you want to achieve, at the heart of our agenda.