We have two lives, and the second begins when we realise, we only have one

I’m Sarah, an integrated therapist. I started talking therapy as a career change after witnessing the impact of life challenges upon those around me, at home and at work. I felt ill-equipped to support them. At the same time, I observed positive changes in colleagues, friends and family who had sought help through therapy. This inspired me to become a therapist.

I started my therapy journey by understanding myself, exploring how I came to be what I am today. Through personal therapy, I experienced those bumps in the road that are an inevitable part of what you will experience when we work together to rebuild your mental fitness. This has aided my growth as a therapist, and means I understand that therapy is not about “what is wrong with you”, it is about “what has happened to you”. Our past experiences, good and bad, make us what we are today. We can use that knowledge to strengthen our wellbeing, and build our future.

This doesn’t mean having to relive personal trauma. Sometimes, simply understanding how you came to be what you are today can be enlightening. It can provide the platform from which to build your future self.

Why choose the connection room?

I chose ‘The Connection Room’ because I believe the connection with your therapist, and how you connect to yourself, is vital to your functioning future self. I aim to create a safe and welcoming place where you can feel confident to talk about what is on your mind, and where we can work together to get you back to your best.

There is no doubt that there will be times when you may find it difficult to talk about yourself and your experiences. This is normal. As we work together, we will explore this, and as you grow, we may even have moments when we smile and laugh. Having fun can play an important part in our recovery, and our future growth.

This space will hopefully enable you to say the things you may not have said before, test new ideas out, and slowly enable you to reorganise your intrusive or uncomfortable thoughts. More importantly, we will aim to build you to be your own inner therapist, enabling you to control those thoughts and emotions that have impacted on your wellbeing.

Where you can find me